"OUR WARRANTY" is our guarantee of superior quality and customer satisfaction. It's a commitment to support and service, ensuring the lasting excellence of our products and outlining the solid protections for your peace of mind

Warranty of all AARAJEWELRYCO pieces

We take immense pride in offering a comprehensive warranty for all AARAJEWELRYCO pieces, ensuring your confidence in your purchase and our commitment to maintaining the quality and durability of our jewelry.

We stand firmly behind the lasting integrity of our jewelry and are dedicated to repairing any piece throughout its ownership. All repair services are complimentary within the initial year of ownership. Subsequently, a nominal labor and materials fee, reflecting only our costs, may apply. Typical repair durations range from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the repair.

Regrettably, our warranty doesn't cover the replacement of center or distinctive stones exceeding $300 in value. We strongly recommend acquiring insurance for these cases, safeguarding against loss or damage. Additionally, specific conditions aren't covered. Clients bear the shipping costs for repairs, for convenience, you can purchase a prepaid insured label through us with an additional cost of $75. Clients are responsible for shipping, import fees, and customs charges.

We emphasize the importance of sending your piece to us for repairs, as our specialists possess a profound understanding of our designs. The warranty becomes void if repairs are undertaken by another jeweler. For further details on care and repair requests, please visit our dedicated page below.

Should your AARAJEWELRYCO piece require repair, kindly complete the provided form. Our skilled repair specialists will communicate openly with you regarding the necessary work and associated expenses. You're responsible for shipping and insuring your ring during this process.

For more jewelry care insights, please visit our Jewelry Care section.